interactive installation

Photo credits: Isabelle Teh, Lee Xinying

Kiasimi?! is a new media installation that addresses the issue of Singapore being widely-known as an unhappy nation.

Singaporeans are known to be Kia su, Kia si, Kia paiseh, always attempting to outdo one another, however too shy to admit. Kiasimi?! challenges their courage to proclaim such unique virtues of being a Singaporean in a light-hearted fashion. So, Kiasimi?! – Happiness is an act of courage.

KIASIMI/ kiah-see-mee,`kia si Mi/ A. hk 怕什么‬ pà Sên Me — is a term in Chinese Hokkien dialect which literally means what's there to be afraid of? 

A collaboration with Isabelle Teh for 'The Happiness Machine' exhibition held at Singapore Polytechnic and Bugis+ in 2012.